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REFLECTION - udgivet af Fast Video - forår 2008
Jeannette Ehlers
Ventilate (Part One)
Dur: 4:00 min, 2007 © Jeanette Ehlers

In the video“Ventilate (part one)” I’m dancing for the camera in front of my bookcase, while emptying the books from the bookcase. By manipulating the material, frame by frame, I have eliminated the vision of me with displaced images of the bookcase, still leaving a sense of my movements.
Complexity emerges between foreground and background, between intimacy and distance, and the atmosphere is both aggressive and sensual. Amongst other things, the video deals with break up, purification and escapism and furthermore it makes comment on the possibility of the constant transformation of identity.

About Jeannette Ehlers: The digitalization makes it possible to experiment with new methods of understandi

Elin Bruun-Nystedt
Noah’s Pâté
Dur: 5:19 min, 2007 © Elin Bruun-Nystedt

Let’s acknowledge this fact: Liver pâté just happens to be a very typical Danish sandwich spread. When I first interviewed Noah for his views on liver pâté and Danishness I only ment it to be a small part of a larger project. But I soon realized that Noah’s approach to the subject was so interesting that I just had to give him a video of his own. So here it is: Noah’s postej-video!

Elin Bruun-Nystedt was born in 1979 and grew up in Copenhagen with a Swedish mother and Danish father. In her videos she explores the role of the individual in society, often considering subjects such as the formation of identity, nationality, objectification and the sense of belonging. (Fjernet: Being at once childlishly playfull and academicaly overanalyzing, her art relies hevily on narration and performing. She often uses influences from out side the art world in her work, exploring the borders where fine art meets other forms of expressions.)

Karen Land Hansen & Nicolai Land
dur: 3:40 min, 2006 © Karen Land Hansen & Nicolai Land

Wrestlers is based on a study of the movements of particular combat sports and shows two genderless figures wrestling. At times however, the nature of the figures' embraces appear ambiguous. The animation is using the traditional near-full animation "flip-book" technique, animating water colour drawings. Sound (Nicolai Land) and image (Karen Land Hansen) are developed in close connection to bring out significant changes and shifts in the movement and overall mood of the work.

Karen Land Hansen (b. 1973)) studied at the National College of Art and Design, Dublin (BA, Fine Art), Chelsea College of Art and the Royal College of Art, London (MA, Fine Art). Since graduating in 2003 she has exhibited nationally and internationally in solo and group exhibitions. Recent exhibtions include The Danish National Gallery, Copenhagen 2007, Alt_cph, Copenhagen 2007 & ’06, Showroom, Factory of Art and Design, Copenhagen 2007.
Nicolai Land (b.1971) got his diploma as a bass player from the Rhythmic Music Conservatory in Copenhagen in 1999. He has played with several artists including Marylin Mazur, Ray Andersson, Tivoli Big Band, Caroline Hendersson and Hush. He has also composed the music for several short films, art projects and recording artists.

Jeanette Land Schou
The Turn
dur: 2:42 min, 2007 © Jeanette Land Schou

About the project:
A short video presenting the sensation of losing yourself and finding your way. The story is based on a dream, but it seems very real. Just driving a car, it invites you to sing along in your mind.

Jeanette Land Schou is born in 1958 in Copenhagen - lives and works in Copenhagen and Malmö, Sweden.
For a number of years she worked on the underground theatre scene and started to experiment with the video media as early as 1984. From 1991 to 2000 she became a student at The Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Copenhagen. Here she studied video- and digital art, and art mediation. In 1999 she was one of the founders of Fast Video, a workshop for artists working in digital media. Her work has been screened in connection with various video festivals around Europe and has also been presented in solo- and group shows with focus on video, photography, graphics and installation based work in Denmark.

Sophie Hjerl
dur: 3:08 min, 2006-07 © Sophie Hjerl
Performer Thomas Eisenhardt

About the project:
- A shadow has been filmed and then inverted.
- The substance of the body is perceptually dissolved!
Body parts are thereby displaced and the sense of the body becomes even more intimate.
The body performs as an abstract, shining spirit – suggesting almost a ghostly prescence.

About Sophie Hjerl:
The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts 1993-2000.
Master Degree in Art Theory and Communication 2005.
Works with video, photography and music.

Nina Maria Kleivan
Periods of Light
dur: 4:53 min, 2007 © Nina Maria Kleivan

About the project:
Two hands wearing doll’s clothes stage a story about being a small and vulnerable person in a world which is far too big. Around them everyday objects, all yellow, are scattered at random and enhance the feeling of alienation and of being lost.

About Nina Maria Kleivan:
Born 1960 in Oslo, Norway, lives and works in Copenhagen, Denmark.
Education: The Royal Academy of Art, Copenhagen, Denmark 1982 - 1990.
Bachelor of Art, University of Copenhagen, Department of Art History 1983.
Works with video installations, photography and paintings.

Johanne Nissen
dur: 2:00 min, 2005 © Johanne Nissen

About the project:
In 1964, Carl Th. Dreyer made the film Gertrud. For my work which carries the same title, I used the scene where the main character is visiting her lover, and he asks her: “Who are you really?”
I projected the footages on to a screen in which I cut a hole to fit my face. As Gertrud reflects about her identity, her face and mine mix and merge, until finally everything fades to white.

About Johanne Nissen:
Born: 10. 05. 1963 in Denmark. The artist lives and works in Denmark
Education: 1998-2001, BA hons Fine Art, Goldsmith College, London University

Collectif des Sans Papier
dur 6:24 min, 2007 © YNKB (Outer Nørrebro Cultural Bureau).
Kirsten Dufour/ Finn Thybo Andersen -
About the video:
YNKB had a meeting in march 2007 in Paris with the immigrant organisation “Collectif des Sans Papier”. They meet every Sunday morning. A spokesman told us about the organisation and YNKB had an interview with an illegal immigrant. Living in France as an illegal immigrant is a big problem, abd thousands of people have been suffering for years while living in this situation. In the video “Collectif des Sans Papier”, you will very briefly be introduced to the reality of the “other” in this period of globalization, which we are experiencing right now. Produced for tv-tv at the exhibition “Société Anonyme”, Le Plateau, Paris 2007
YNKB – Outer Nørrebro Culture Bureau – is a locally based artist group, who wish to relocate artistic activity in the local environment. The project started in Autumn 2001 and is active in the outer Nørrebro district of Copenhagen, and other places in the world. YNKB’s ideas for creating an international art centre integrated in a densely populated neighbourhood has been presented at exhibitions and seminars both inside and outside Denmark. YNKB make exhibitions, arrangements, events, video shows, workshops and conferences in collaboration with other groups. - -
Bettina Fürstenberg
Turning Point
Dur: 9:00 min, 2007 © Bettina Fürstenberg

In the autumn of 2006, two people from the organization “Combatants for Peace,” Suleiman a Palestinian and Orr an Israeli, stayed for 5 days in my tiny living room in my apartment in Copenhagen, Denmark. During this time I filmed them. Both of them had been involved in the circle of violence on each side of the conflict, respectively as a Palestinian freedom fighter and as an Israeli soldier. Theoretically, the two people staying with me could have caused each other’s deaths.

Bettina Fürstenberg has exhibited and participated in film festivals in Lebanon, Germany, France, Denmark, Sweden, England and has produced documentaries, art videos, video installations, video sculptures and music videos.

Lennard Grahn
Jobs in the City
dur: 7:16 min, 2006 © Lennard Grahn

An animated and animating experience, loosely chronicling the lives of a mad scientist turned terrorist, his older brother who’s looking for work, a soldier who discovers the power of dance and a female war hero.

Lennard Grahn b. 1966
I made my first video in 1987, a concert video for a band I knew.
After wasting a big part of my life at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Art, I now live a hateful and squalid existence in Copenhagen and work mostly with moving images on the Internet.

Kirsten Otzen Keck
The uncontrollable bloom of Adriana I.
dur: 5:00 min, 2007 © Kirsten Otzen Keck

The animation is made out of sampled, existing images from magazines and newspapers. The work is about a 67 year old woman who has a baby. In a low- tech, humouristic manner, it starts off as a real, media-generated story. It merges the underlying religious narratives in secular society with gender issues, and with questions about new technologies which are capable of suspending the limits of the human body.

Kirsten Otzen Keck lives and works in Copenhagen and is educated at the Gerrit Rietveld Academy of Arts, Amsterdam, Holland 1993-98.
Kirsten primarily works with photo collages and animation based on her own and existing image material. She is interested in how our individual notion of reality evolves along with the mediated versions of reality and the norms in society

Tine Maria Beÿer
Model Consumer
Dur: 2:06 min, 2007 © Tine Maria Beÿer - Phone +45 30329891

In the video the body is a surreal creature that is interacting with empty plastic bottles and packaging waste. The idea came from my annoyance with excessive use of packaging of food while having a correspondence with the governmental department of consumption in Denmark, but the work is also about body, culture and feminine gender.

Tine Maria Beÿer lives and works in Copenhagen. She is educated at The Kaospilots in Aarhus, Billedskolen and the lab of Photography in Copenhagen and the Gerrit Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam. Tines work is made from an autobiographical and personal perspective. She performs situations and moods that broach issues of gender in particularly. She stages a moving dancing or resting body to emphasize the boundaries between sexuality and innocence, absurd imagination and everyday problems. Tine is fond of a self-ironic slapstick style.

Karen Thastum
As one hand Takes
dur: 6:02 min, 2005 © Karen Thastum:

About the video:
The video reflects the ever repeating principle of colonialisation and industrialisation in occasionally manipulated black and white historical pictures.
Edited rythmically to the film-maker’s own compositions As One Hand Takes is an exploration of the world of the white man.
With humour and sadness the video attempts to reveal the background of our present global situation.

Karen Thastum born 1963 Aabenraa
(education: Danish School of Design and Hdk Berlin)
Karaen Thastum works with various media styles. She attempts to cross the borderlines between artforms. The site of the performance - a limestone mine, a church, an old ruin - is the base of inspiration for her live installations with the group TURA YA MOYA and for her different art video projects.

Steen Møller Rasmussen
dur: 4:07 min, 2007 © Steen Møller Rasmussen

About the project:
Eye/Reflex is an exploration of the reflexes of the eye, viewed from the outside, filmed from the inside. This corresponds to the difference between a film projection, and a monitor viewing where the light comes from within.

About Steen Møller Rasmussen:
(born 1953). Cinematographer from the Danish Film School, 1980.
Cinematographer, still photographer and director.
Has worked as cinematographer in a large number of projects by other directors, and has made several films as director.

Annette Finnsdottir &
Darren Copeland

Random Portraits
Dur: 7:35 min, 2006 © Finnsdottir / Copeland

Random Portraits (2006) is recorded on mobile phones. New media artist Annette Finnsdottir (DK/IS) and soundartist Darren Copeland (CDN) didn’t know each other at first; - From the audio-clips sent by Annette and the videoclips sent by Darren - they created this artwork. By using a programmed computer-<based generator to generate ‘event-scores’ they challenged each other. The answer to the question ”Where are you?” was a way of exchanging
information inspired by the Fluxus mailart and event-scores from the 1960’s

Annette Finnsdottir (DK/IS) Media Artist, Screenwriter, Master of
Art in Visual Culture and B.A. in Film-and Media Science and Design.
Explores the artistic, narrative and performative possibilities with
moving images on the internet, mobile telephones and other platforms
and in relation to spaces and everyday-life.

Darren Copeland (CAN) is an electroacoustic composer and sound
designer who has produced work since 1985 for concerts, radio,
theatre, dance, and site-specific installation.

Elin Kristine Kromann
Jack’s Apple Pie
dur: 5:52 min, 2006 © Elin Kristine Kromann

Jack’s Apple Pie is a warm and humouristic documentary about making apple pie. The film balances between the abstract and the concrete, and between the genres of cookery programmes and reality tv. Throughout the video this balance is in danger of collapsing as the viewer's expectations are repeatedly confounded.

About Elin Kristine Kromann:
Born in Naestved, Denmark, 1967
MA from Malmoe Art Academy, The University of Lund, Sweden and cand.phil. from The Royal Danish Academy of fine Arts, Denmark.
Over the past few years Kromann has exhibited nationally and internationally in solo and group exhibitions as well as taken part in a number of screenings showing video art in Denmark and abroad. Among others Museum of Contemporary Art, Roskilde, Denmark, and Ôstersund Art Film and Video Festival, Sweden. She is part of a programme representing Denmark at the filmfestival Alternative Film/Video 2007, Serbia.

Frederik Sølberg
Back with the Nerds
dur: 3:00 min, 2007 © Frederik Sølberg
Music and text: Nikolaj Grummesgaard

About the project:
A video about making a video. - This could be the short text version of the video for Danish band Gravy’s “Back with the nerds”. As a low-key version of MTV’s Making the Video, the movie documents the process behind the final result and toys with elements of popular culture. Instead of awkward teenagers following in the steps of their idols, the awkwardness rests here with the actual members of the band, leaving no doubt as to who the nerds in the title refers to.

About Frederik Sølberg:
(born 1979 in Copenhagen) Has been an active part of the independent music and film scene of Copenhagen since the late 90s. Both as a musician, director and promoter/curator. He has directed several indie music videos, short films and stop-motion films. Currently working on live visuals for Danish art pop act Speaker Bite Me, an experimental short film entitled "Two", researching on a documentary entitled "The Mountain", and writing on his master's thesis on performative documentary.

Niels Plenge
Confessions of a Reflective Mind
dur: 2:48 min, 2007 © Niels Plenge

About the project:
No picture is self-explanatory but always needs plenty of words to be fully understood. The pictures in this video are literal reflections of real things, but the voice-over undermines rather than underlines the obvious content. The story is inspired by Dostoyevsky and claims that when living in a community, the most difficult thing is to pay respect for each other. A movement from outside to inside, or from far to near.

About Niels Plenge:
(b. 1959) In the 80’s organizer of cultural events, local television, festivals and media workshops, in the 90’s working as freelance photographer, editor and sound technician in television, film and video production, from 2000 drifting towards sound production and music composing.
He has produced more than 80 film, video and sound works since 1982

Marie Kølbæk Iversen
Peaks of Present & Sheets of Past
- 5 days in 1 day in 5 minutes -
dur: 6:40 min, 2007 © Marie Kølbæk Iversen

“... the force or pressure of time goes outside the limits of the shot, and montage itself works and lives in time.”
(Gilles Deleuze: Cinema 2, p. 42)
Marie Kølbæk Iversen’s video piece documents the transformation of a space at the abandoned Unicon factory – from ruin to gallery space. The transformation took 5 days, but is edited to look like a single day lasting only 5 minutes, thus revealing a clash between the circular and the linear concept of time.

About Marie Kølbæk Iversen:
(born 1981) Lives and works in Copenhagen, and Brooklyn, NY
M.K. Iversen is an artist and curator with a phenomenological approach to her projects that quite often take on a situationistic form. She is keen on unveiling the actual properties (or ‘mechanisms’) of her subjects, and also on attempting to expose the ‘somethingness’ of the nothingness, we have learned to make invisible. This is all done in an attempt to further understand the mechanisms of the world we live in. and how we humans perceive and process this by means of our bodies and minds. Marie Kølbæk Iversen studies at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts in Copenhagen and will graduate in June 2008.

André Chercka
I am am I
Dur: 4:20 min, 2007 © André Chercka

“I am am I” depicts a young woman at her mirror busy applying her make-up. As time progresses her facial expressions develop from being calm and content to a frustrated and frantic state of being. This video might pose the question “When is she beautiful?”, and “When does she cease to be?” On another level, it explores whether identity is based on our self perception, as opposed to our surroundings reflecting who we are.

André Chercka’s initial experiments with video started in 1999. A reoccurring theme has been the portrayal of “beauty” – especially in places that don’t strike people as obvious places to look for it. This has been done by presenting everyday phenomena such as people, locations or objects from nature in a different time frame, and with another focus than the human eye allows.
Currently, his work is focused around VJ-ing and collaborating on various audio/visual events and projects.

Stine Kvam
Maui Tours
dur: 3:00 min, 2007 © Stine Kvam

About this work:
In the video ”Maui Tours" my fantasy of the surfers paradise Maui becomes real, by turning daily objects into to a straw cabin, ocean and grass.
This work is a part of a video installation about different ways of approaching reality.

About Stine Kvam:
I work primarily with video, and video performances, investigating how one’s fantasy reflects one’s perception of reality. Reality is individual for all of us, and is shaped by our individual experience, environment, feelings and fantasy.

Dagmar Krøyer
Just like Solaris, Cases and Jars
dur: 9:14 min (excerpt 4:33 min), 2007 © Dagmar Krøyer

The model for “Just Like Solaris, Cases And Jars” is the Science Fiction classic “Solaris”. Solaris is a big thinking ocean. It makes repressed memories appear as if they were real for the people in its nearness. In the video “Just Like Solaris, Cases And Jars” figures from the artist’s childhood memories emerge from an effervescent ocean.
- The cases and jars are made from margarine. The ocean is made from beer and blue colouring. A melting process has been filmed, speeded and reversed.

Dagmar Krøyer graduated from the Jutland Academy of Fine Arts in 2006.
She mainly works with video, sound and installation.
In her art the most common themes are narration, underlying structures, homemade experiments and humour.
Food is often used as ingredient in her videos. She has used food in several short stop-motion-films - and the video “Just Like Solaris, Cases And Jars” is no exception. The ‘main characters’ are margarine and beer, and the video is clearly a result of a homemade experiment in the kitchen.