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Aktiviteter i Fast Video og PIXEL Videokompilationer Om foreningen Fast Video
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Fast Video was an association for Video Art in Denmark, founded in 1999. With around 50 members, we represented video art expressions and productions in Denmark, together with adjacent media such as animation, sound-, net- and digital art.
Fast Video worked as a platform for video art productions as well as an active link between our members and national and international contemporary art-networks. Fast Video supplied artists working within these media with production facilities and equipment. We aimed to follow the continuous technical media development as well as to meet the technical demands and needs for video art artists. Fast Video was with its production space in Copenhagen, a platform for networking between artists working within the field of video art. Since February 2007, Fast Video has actively begun creating collaborations between its members and art projects in Denmark and abroad. Fast Video aimed to enhance its function as the representative and intermediary of video art from Denmark.
Pixel was the showroom adjoining Fast Video. Pixel exhibits mainly video art selected by either the Pixel exhibition board or selected curators. Go to Pixel website for more information
Fast Video Archive is still working as a collection of video works produced by former members of Fast Video and guests. The archive is continually growing and contains over 130 titles by now. Browse through the catalogue with descriptions of each work on the website - which just now is under construction
Fast Video was closed permanently the 30th of June 2010